30-50 euro for international participant.


Food you can buy at taverns 4 to 6 euro for a meal

Area in tent for sleeping  25 euro (4 days)

Rent costume and weapons 30 euro (4 days) Very limited
Bring sleeping bag and dark boots.


Included in the fee:
- Five waterstations
- Drinkingwater att the OFF area
- 4 dry toilets IN, and three dry toilets OFF
- Free firewood where available
- Buildings and tarps organized by the organizer.
- 2-4 kitchens to shop from

- An active merchant
- Intrigue for your group
- NPC that will increase your experience.
- Quests

- IN currency 

You can shop drinks, candy, fruit and pay customs and tax with IN-currency.

... will be served at:

Gimleby tavern 

Westmark tavern

Viking Tavern

The Event Schedule


Wednesday 1st of july

​12:00 Checkin

22.00 The larp starts with kickstarters

Last day of the larp, all intrigues reach their climax

00.30  The larp has ended,  the party in Gimleby starts.