How to register

Mail: info@

Answer these questions


50 euro for particapants free for NPC players. 


Food 30 euro (simple) (3.5 days)

Area in tent for sleeping  27 euro (4 days)

Rent costume and weapons 45 euro (4 days)
Bring sleeping bag and dark boots.


Included in the fee:
- Five waterstations
- Drinkingwater att the OFF areaa
- 4 dry toilets IN, and three dry toilets OFF
- Free firewood where available
- Buildings and tarps organized by the organizer.
- 2-4 kitchens to shop from

- An active merchant
- Intrigue for your group
- NPC that will increase your experience.
- Quests
- Upon arrival a paper in your hand describing main group objectives

- IN currency 

You can shop drinks, candy, fruit and pay customs and tax with IN-currency.

... will be served at:

Gimleby tavern is open for everybody, maybe also the lonely tavern.
Very little meat is served.

Also euro and swedish coins can buy food.

The Event Schedule


Wednesday 1st of july

​12:00 Checkin

22.00 The larp starts with kickstarters

Last day of the larp, all intrigues reach their climax

00.30  The larp has ended,  the party in Gimleby starts.