The Mystical Drow Elves


Some say they don't even exit. Few have seen one. Fewer still have seen one and lived.

The Drow Elves like to see without being seen. They have spies in most nations around the known world.


Only the Drow themselves knows where the entrance to their underground world is.




The Drow started building their underground world many thousands of years ago to protect themselves after losing a civil war with the ones that we know today as Wood Elves.  After many generations living in the pitch black darkness of the underground their skin changed and became pitch black.




The society is based on the woman being the head of the house. They are ruled by a council. Each noble house has a seat on the Council.


The counsellors names are known only to the Drow.



The Drow Elves follow the religion of the Old Gods.




The Drow Elves are like invisible puppet masters. They often have a hand in things without anyone ever knowing about it. They like power and they like treasure just as much as the race of humans, only they have thousands of years to acquire it which means they rarely need to be hasty about it.


In recent development


As the Orcs of Borgoth invaded Elumenir, one regiment stumbled across the entrance to the Drow underworld.  Noone from this Orc regiment survived to tell their master where it was but Kael knows that the Drow Elves has killed one of his regiments and he has a general idea of where the entrance to the underworld is.  Rumour has it that the Drow Elves have sent diplomats to the Gimle region to deal with this situation.