GIMLE LARP 21st - 24th july  2021
Adventure and fantasy nordic larp
Live action role playing game

Gimle – a fantasy larp inspired by “Lord of the rings” and "Game of thrones" and "Vikings". Influences of nordic mythology of the viking era and the medieval times (but no christianity). ​Last year we had 180 participants (many european visitors). 

In Sweden, 100km north of Gothenburg.


It is a zone larp.

We have lots of action-adrenalin boffer figthing play in one zone, but you can avoid it if you don’t like it.
We have magic in one zone, but you can avoid it.  Low fantasy means it is  fairly simple magic and easy to “act upon”. 

But you can not avoid having a nice time in the camps by the fire hearing about the intrigues.


Welcome: Knights, barbarians, Orcs, tree Elves (yes we have treehouses), merchants, farmers, preachers, handicrafters. We have a secret sect, fanatic preachers, merchant house, druids, witch and a sorcerer. And a creature, or two, and maybe a secret weapon that may change the way a battle is fought. Many NPC and lots of rituals.

Beginner friendly. Food 30 euro, costume 30 euro, place in tent 30 euro, participation 40 euro (bring sleeping bag and dark boots). Nearest big town Gothenburg, bus from there (11 euro).











What is Gimle

1) An interactive adventure roleplaying game in nature.

2) A fantasy larp inspired by Vikings, LOTR, GOT and nordic mythology.

3) One-two times a year, always on the full moon of July. 3-4 days.

4) 100km north of Gothenburg, on a permanent area with fantasy buildings.

5) In english.

6) Zone larp.
Village life - stay south.
Magic/fantasy - go north.
Combat - stay in the middle.

7) What you see is what you get. Means: restricted use of characters/races/creatures/magic. Not too much fantasy.

8) May contain traces of gameism. Competitions and groups fighting over territory, banners and artifacts.

9) More combat, shorter healing.

10) Better larping: inclusion, good atmosphere. With preparatory workshops, leadership and many NPC.