Groups searching for members (short version)

1) The merchant house of Gimleby is looking for: scouts, messengers, spies, guards, administrators, writers, negotiators. Good for people that like to organize and administer. Good position for intrigues, but also for more passive shy persons. Sleeps in the merchant or OFF.

2) Crafts and music guild of Gimleby

A 40m2 craftslodge is waiting for you with forge and bellows, clay, wool, needles and cloth, wood and carpentry tools. In Gimleby you can in peace pursue your craft by the fire, close to the tavern and never run risk of being attacked by magic or sword - to get such adventure you will have to venture north. Your character may also be part of fighting, if you want. Musical gathering every night.
Sleeps: in Gimleby or OFF

3) Forest vikings, Baldersheim - in a big camp in the forest by the field. Kitchen, water, dry toilet and tents. The main viking camp for fighting warriors.

4) Smugglers camp - focusing on fighting and intrigue. Kidnapping and robbery. Also religious rites.

5) House Stonecrown - blue

Game of Thrones style of play (both warriors and more social roles needed)

6) House Griffin - red

Game of Thrones style of play(both warriors and more social roles needed)

7) Nannas camp & Hervors daughters.
Druids and magician apprentices. Also shamans and oracles.

8) The Golden Empire - Trading, fighting, partying 

(Roles needed, traders, fighters, dancers, singers,high status roles such as lords as ladies)

9Forest Elfs - noble, gracious, wise (both warrior and more social roles).


Rules for camp
Groups live in camps. 90% of the intrigue is based on groups larping with/against each other. You must be part of a group and live in a camp.
1) Hide all OFF-things
2) Dont talk OFF talk, even when you think you are alone. There may be someone spying on your camp listening to you. Right outside your tent.
3) Each group must create a flag or similar that represents the tribe/group - and keep it standing and visible at the camp. If it is lost (stolen) it means great dishonor and bad luck and must be regained.
4) You are part of a clan/family/sisterhood/brotherhood. have a slogan/motto. Create some stories about your forebearers, ready to be told by the fire.
5) Welcome visitors to your camp, give them a nice experience. Let them see your camp.
6) The rules of hospitality …. Invite strangers, give them a drink, ask them about their business, offer them a nights stay or a meal.
7) Off course the rules of hospitality does not apply to groups you are hostile with or in grave conflict with.
8) Larger camps, like small villages, should charge an entry fee, a tax at the gates.
9) A single stranger can enter with weapons, a group must leave them at the gate. Out of respect to leaders / high status they may be allowed to carry a sheathed sword. Knives and smaller weapons may be ok.
10) You may sneak into others camps and steal their banner and pretend to “trash” the camp. Just move things a round and turn some things up side down.


Scout - for those who work as scouts
Choose equipment for fast movement in forest.
Make a small flat Backpack.
Make 0.5 litre Water bottle cover.

Basic skills for scouts: Ropes/knots, Communication/handsignals/birdsound, 
Bow training, Spy/sneak-training.

Musicians gathering
The sorrows of this world is best battled with music and singing. Musicians from all lands gather in Gimleby at 22.00 every night and share their music. It may start with a slow rythm followed by a lonely chant, to be picked up by a flute swirling a melody around the chant. Another drum joins and it speeds up as more voice are added. While the fire gently sparks and drinks are shared.


Ideas of instruments:

a) Lute (and family of them, theorbo, baroque lute, baroque guitar, oud etc).
b) Any type of blowing instrument out of wood/bone (flute, recorder, didgeridoo etc etc, BUT NOT brass stuff like saxophone).
c) Any type of old-ish looking drum.
d) Old stringed ones: zither, pipa, guzheng, harp, lyre, etc
e) Baroque guitar and other similar traditional stringed ones (nyckelharpa, hurdy gurdy, dulcimer, etc).
f) Concert stringed (violin,viola,double bass).