Things to consider when chosing a faction and a character: 

*What do you think you want to do during the event most of the time?

*What kind of clothes do you want to wear? 


*What kind of experince do you want to have? 


*What can you portray in a believable way?

When it comes to things you can do during the event the only real limit is your imagination. You character can do almost anything and everything. 

When creating a character however there are three main tasks your character is going to be doing: 

*Plotting in different intrigues (political intrigues for example)

*Fighting ( only for the characters who are armed)

*Living your every day life (crafting, going to a party to dance, trading at markets etc.) 

Your character can of course do all these things and more but if you think you want to fight alot it's good to play a character that is a soldier for example. If you think you want to do alot of plotting then picking a character that is more of a politician is a good idea. If you think you mostly want to live your every day life then picking a character that works in a tavern or in the merchant house as an example is your best choice. 

When you pick a faction you become a member of a group that you can share your experince with. This will make your experince richer in many ways.  If you really want to be a solo player and not have any obligations to your group then pick the group: The Gimleby Village.