Flera öppna böcker


The known world consists of many races, peoples and nations. 


This text will break them down one by one and to further understand them you can also read about the their history under the section History




The region in the world known as Gimle has since the beginning of time had the strongest source of moonstones in the world. This area is home to the Academy that study these stones and the magic they can bring. People from all over the known world travel here every year to complete their full moon rituals.  The people who live here year around live in the small village known as Gimleby. The Gimleby village was formed by people from the Saxion kingdom and people from the viking lands mostly.  Now the people who live there identify only as citizens of Gimleby or the Free people. 


The Elves 


The Elves where once one race a long time ago (10 000 years) but after a great conflict between Ezrael, Satariell and Emriell the oldest of the elves they split into three kingdoms. 


Satariell took all those who where loyal and followed him underground and created the kingdom of Camorha. 


Emriell took her followers and created the kingdom of Elanthir in the mountains. 


Ezrael stayed in the elven homeland of old and created the kingdom of Elumenir. 


The Drowelves


As the years passed by the elves who lived underground and never saw the sun started to change and their skin turned black and their hair turned white. To be able to best blend into the shadows they dress in all black and usually cover their white hair so one cannot see them at all in the dark.


Even now these elves(known to the rest of the world as Drowelves) rarely come above ground and when they do, they always have a very good reason for it and it’s good to watch out as they are deadly assassins. 


The Darkelves


The elves who followed Emriell into the mountains also began to change after a few thousand years.  Their skin turned white so that they could blend into the snow if desired.  Their hair changed color as well to black, red or blue, most often black. It is said that they originally traded clothes and armor with the Drowelves and that they grew very fond of blue and red gemstones and that their hair changed color to match but nobody really knows if it’s true. (Except for the spirits of creation) 


The Woodelves 


The elves who followed Ezrael are known as woodelves or just plain elves in the common tongue. They dress in green mostly and their haircolor and skincolor remains the same as the humans.  In recent years a development has arisen where Ezrael was corrupted by the demon Kael and the elves were driven from Elumenir.  (Read more about this under History)


The Blackbloods


The Origin of the race of Orcs, Goblins and Urukhais goes back to the conflict between the Elves.  Emriell was jealous of Ezrael as they both had a love affair with Satariell and it looked like Satariell was leaning towards Ezrael. Emriell then used forbidden magic to create a creature she hoped would kill Ezrael known only as the Demon Kael. This creature was created for a single purpose to fixate on Ezrael.  As Satariell learned of this he got very angry as he knew that this creature would not only try to kill Ezrael but would also hunger to consume the whole world and gain power beyond imagination. Satariell wanted to take the elves underground to protect them from this creature but Ezrael wanted to stay and fight. They had different wills and the rest as they say is history. 


Kael grew powerful as the centuries passed and formed a new kingdom. The kingdom of Borgoth. He started corrupting elves, men and hobbits and turned  the hobbits into Goblins, the men into Orcs and the elves into Urakhais. This new blackblooded race is strong and they fear Kael more than anything so they do his bidding without question.



In the kingdom of men known as Westmark there are 4 noble houses. They have battled for power for a long time and sometimes they unite under the King or Queen that all support or can at least live with and sometimes they fight over the crown like children fighting for their favorite toy. 


This is a kingdom inspired by the kingdom of Westeros ( Game of Thrones). 


Read more about the very advanced politics of Westmark under History 


The Vikinglands 


The vikings consist of many different tribes and are not just inspired by the actual vikings of history, they are a carbon copy of the actual vikings of history.  Read more about what they have been up to in this world under History. 




A nation inspired by the british isles and the people who lived there during the time of the vikings.  Read more about what they have been though under History




A race as old as the elves and known for being very stubborn. This race is for the most part inspired by the dwarfs from the lord of the rings. Very little is known about them in the known world so as a participant you are not really supposed to know anything about them. 




The Clanlands is a nomansland where there is no rule, no law and no order. Various different clans rule themselves.  Little else is known about the Clanlands. 


Golden empire


The golden empire is inspired by the persian empire. There is an empress who rules with absolute power over millions of people.   Her rule is ruthless and makes the Kings and Queens of Westmark look like saints. 

The troops in the golden empire fear the whips of their masters more then the swords of their enemies. 


Arcatian mountains


A place where thieves, pirates, whences and murderers linger. The one place you go when you are not welcome anywhere else.  Inspired by  Nassau from Black Sails. 




Dessert. Unknown for the most part. Unexplored because it’s very hot. Inspired by Essos from Game of Thrones. 






Emriell ended up making an alliance with her own demonic creation Kael and they joined forces to attack Ezeal and the eleven kingdom of Elumenir. 


The Woodelves where driven out of their lands by Kael and his forces and the elven Queen herself Ezrael fell under Kaels control. The creature that was created for the soul purpose of killing Ezreal ending up turning Ezeal to his side instead.  What remained of the woodelves fled to the hobbit lands. 


The Elven Queen Ezrael now corrupted by the power of Kael became known under a new name: The Banshee Queen. 


Vikings and Saxions


The Saxions tried to invade the vikinglands but that did not end well. The vikings crushed the Saxions in retaliation in the Saxion lands. 


The Saxions then swore oaths to help House Lily in Westmark defeat the Vikings but ended up switching sides just before the battle was to take place. 


The Saxions then changed their minds again and battled with houses of Westmark against the viking tribes and the Banshee Queen. 


The Viking tribes have been fighting with each other and with pretty much everyone else over the course of the last couple of hundred years. They just seem to have trouble playing nice with others. 


In the battle known as the Massacre of Gimle the tribes were divided. The Boradal fought alongside House Lily and House Oakenhelm while the Baldersheim, The Dangafyr and the Wolfs fought alongside House Griffin and House Stronecrown of Westmark. 


A year after this all the tribes united under a viking leader called Halfdan and formed an alliance with the Banshee Queen and her forces of orcs and darkelves to gain power. This alliance defeated the Westmark houses, The Golden Empire and the WoodElves in a battle over important territory in the Gimle Region and in the process the Banshee Queen managed to corrupt the leader of The Academy, the powerful witch known as Nanna the White Witch. 




The four houses of Westmark, Stronecrown, Griffin, Lily and Oakenhelm were once united behind a strong King and Queen. King Steinar Stonecrown and Queen Olivia Stonecrown. They had two sons Jonathan and Frank Stronecrown. The eldest being Jonathan who was next in line to be King.


The Golden empire had plans to invade Westmark and wanted to destabilize the nation.  They managed to assassinate King Steinar. Queen Olivia was afraid the nation would fall apart so she chose to marry the most powerful person besides herself at that point in the country. The leader of House Griffin who happened to be another woman, Daniella Griffin. At the wedding Olivia was poisoned and to this day it is still unknown who was behind that. Daniella at this point assumed the throne but did not have the support of the other houses.  House Lily and House Oakenhelm threw their support behind the oldest son of Olivia and Steinar, Jonathan. 


Jonathan Stonecrown as it turns out did not have the support of the Stronecrown army. They hated the Lilys more than they liked Jonathan.  A battle between the Stronecrown army (who threw their support behind Frank Stonecrown instead)  and the Griffin army on the one side fighting for Daniella as Queen and House Lily and House Oakenhelm on the other side fighting for Jonathan as King was imminent. Allies were gathered on both sides. A last minute betrayal by the Saxions led to an overwhelming victory for Daniella Griffin.


Jonathan Stonecrown went into hiding and gathering some new forces but before he could make his move he was killed when he ran into the Banshee Queen. 


With Daniella as Queen the Westmark houses were still divided. A compromise was found when Daniella agreed to marry Frank Stonecrown and be his Queen. All the houses could get behind that solution and for a while all the houses were united and content. 


During this time of unity the southern part of Westmark was attacked by the united viking tribes and Bridgetown, the seat of power for the house of Griffin was lost.


All the Houses and their armies united under Frank and finally managed to take Bridgetown back. A huge victory for the unity of the houses. 


Just as things were looking stable again in Westmark King Frank grew arrogant after the victory at bridgetown and decided he was going to end the Dark threat to the north once and for all. The King charged the Dark Elf capitol with only about 25 000 souls and none of them came out of that attack alive. 


With the King dead, Westmark might face another period of political turmoil, unless a good stable solution can be found and fast. 

Blackbloods and Darkelves


Kael and his Blackbloods lost a lot of forces attacking Aldor and the stubborn dwarfs that received unexpected aid from The Golden Empire. The alliance between Darkelves and Blackbloods is however still very strong. The power of Emriell, Ezrael and Kael alone is almost unimaginable.  The rest of the world should thank Aldor and the Golden Empire for keeping these forces at bay for as long as they have.

Golden Empire 


The Golden Empire has over the years always been known to act in their own interest. They have had plans to attack the other human nations but as the power of Borgoth grew they have had to focus on keeping them at bay and actually aid other nations.  Having other nations be stable and be able to rely on them for help against Borgoth is currently in the best interest of the Golden Empire. The reason that the Golden Empire fears Borgoth the most is because they are neighbors.