...och deras funktioner

- Det finns ett 20-tal magiska artefakter som de flesta känner till.
- Ungefär fem av dem är vapen som har magisk effekt.

-> Magiska artefakter fungerar alltid i Nordmark och Utmark (också Nannas läger och Nifelheim) (nära de magiska silver månstenarna).

-> På kvällen, när månen syns (efter 21.00) fungerar artefakter överallt. Även på stridsfältet.

Du vet att du är utsatt för magi när någon med hög röst och stora åthävor talar om det för dig. Du blir tillsagd vad effekten är.

ARTEFAKTER (alltid markerade med blått)
Artefakter får aldrig gömmas undan (de måste alltid finnas i spel och kunna stjälas).

Det finns i spelet ett antal maktringar, de spelarna är nära nog oövervinneliga när de är i sina egna läger.

MAGISKA VAPEN (fungerar enbart en gång på natten, en gång på dagen).
1) Sword of pain. Egenskap: smärta 10 hjärtslag (alltså ca 10 sekunder)
2) Stridshammaren. Egenskap: Tryckvåg på 1 person.
3) Alvsvärdet. Egenskap: Nollar vid träff.
4) Tors lilla hammare: Egenskap: okänd
5) Ärkemagikerns stav. Egenskap: tryckvåg på en hel grupp.

- Alla dessa fungerar i Nordmark/Utmark.
- I Ragnarike endast efter mörkrets inbrott (21.00).
- En gång, sedan måste de vila och laddas.

Om du vill använda vapnets magiska effekt måste du innan annonsera med hög röst: "ARCANA, mitt vapen  kommer att ge dig..." (och beskriva effekten och hur länge det varar) Till exempel: "...Smärta från hell i 10 hjärtslag".

Sword of persuasion = Once a day you can hypnotize one person to totally agree with you for an hour (you can not command the person to hurt themselves or others or order them around, the victim just treats the sword owner very favorably).
The spell can be cast in calm situation (not in battle) by holding the hilt in front of the victims face saying: "Arcana - by the power of this sword you will consider me your best friend and agree to most of my suggestions for an hour".


Most are marked with RED, and if it is magical also a BLUE mark.


Blue stones - Can be consumed by magicans to recharge mana, (when consumed give back to arranger at the merchant house)

Black stones - small Religious power - makes rituals more effective. By “the godless” and worshippers of Loke or Fenrisulven and similar.

White stones - small Religious power - makes rituals more effective.

Golden stones - small Worth 5 gold.

Silver stones - small Worth 20 silver.

Silver stone - big Holds magical power, possibly linked to the rings and the moon.

Red stones, with white dot
... if placed in a circle, the circle can not be entered.
Can only be broken if a white stone is placed for each red stone.


Heart of the Moon
The sceptics say this item holds no power at all, besides the power of being able to trade it with the dark elves or looking at its beauty. The believers however say that when you have it, you never grow old and diseases do not affect you. It makes you immune to any kind of natural death. Only the Dark Elf High priests however know the truth about this Artifact and what it actually does.

Relic of Fire 3000 years ago a soldier in the army of the Golden Empire found a strange object In the ashes of a burnt down temple. It seemed to have survived the fire despite the fact it was made out of a material that should burn very easy. This necklace turned out to have a certain power when combined with other items or when used in certain rituals. How it ended up in the temple or who made it in the first place is still unknown.

Relic of water
The Relic of Water was according to elvish legend made from the tears of joy that came pouring down the cheeks of the first elves to reach these lands through the portal of stars. It holds the power of another universe but only seems to have an effect when combined with certain other objects in certain rituals.


Relic of Wind
The humans of Westmark found this relic in a chest inside a tomb about 5000 years ago. It was buried with an ancient ruler that the people of westmark know very little about. The Relic seems to have a certain power when combined with certain other objects in rituals.

Relic of the Earth
This relic and it's origin is not known. It was dug from the earth in Borgoth by the orcs centuries ago but how it ended up there is a mystery. What is known is that it seems to have certain powers when combined with certain other items.


Relic of Fire


This relic and it's origin is not known. It was found in the fires of Aldor by by the dwarfs centuries ago but how it ended up there is a mystery. What is known is that it seems to have certain powers when combined with the other relics.

The Elven Amulets
These Amulets was forged by Elves in the Ancient Elven Council over 10 000 years ago. Back then,the high elves, the wood elves and the Dark Elves where all present at the ancient council and made decisions together to help forge a stable and prosperous elven world. The creation of the amulets was part of an effort to protect the elves from the darkness that had awaken in Borgoth. If carried by a human, it can hold back: disease, sickness and curses.

Necklace of charm (works all the time)
The bearer of this necklace will seem like a very nice person, as long as they behave politely against you. The bearer will receive small favors (nothing big).

Flute of abduction (works once a day and once a night)
When played and listened to for more than a minute (within 5 meters of you) you will have to follow the fluteplayer for 5 minutes. You still can talk and fight, BUT you are a bit slow and drowsy. You can not kill the fluteplayer during the spell.


Offensive magical weapons.
- Works in Nordmark/Utmark, once a day and once a night. Can work once on the battlefield after 21.00.
1) Sword of pain.
Say the word “ARCANA you will be touched by great pain” (during about 10 heartbeats)
2) Huge sledgehammer
Say the word “ARCANA this will push you back”. (during about 10 heartbeats).
3) Elven sword
Say the word “ARCANA one blow will bring you down”. (Only if wielded by an elf)
4) Archmage staff
Say the word “ARCANA this will push all of you back”. ( A whole group, during about 10 heartbeats).