Gammal bok


The Sickness is finally letting loose it’s grip on the people of the known world and there is a peace for the first time

in years!

After the last war between the Viking nation and their allies and Westmark and their allies a peace has finally come.

The war and sickness have made most nations and their people poor and there has been much suffering. 

Many coffers are empty and the news of newly found gold in the Gimle Region has drawn a tremendous amount of attention.

The Gimle region has developed a lot during the years of the Sickness. This years visitors to the trade days and the full moon ritual days will find more camps, more houses built by the factions that seek political power here.

- New guilds have settled and the inns and restaurants are expecting good sales.
- New nations are coming to the Gimle region. Dwarves has walked down from Aldor. Elves are returning in strength.
Gimle is more than ever a cultural melting pot on the verge of getting too hot and brewing over.
- Gimleby is turning into a vibrant village in its own right.
- The Boradal vikings are sending a powerful fighting force as usual.
- The Westmark houses are in a stalemate. Will Daniella Griffin be able to break the situation, and is the legend of the Sword of Kings true? 

Only one thing is certain and that is a spark in the Gimle Region can set the whole world on fire! 

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