"A spark in GIMLE, puts the whole world on fire”.  

Due to new lands, more area to larp on, more skilled participants and leaders, and the desire for more diverse fantasy roles… the fictional world of Gimleby needs to expand. A world that includes more cultures than before and more options when it comes to what you can play. A new bigger map of a fictional world and a new name for the campaign (where Gimleby with its Nordic mythology will be one part of a bigger world, much like Rohan is part of LOTR middle earth).

GIMLE is located on the western part of a big continent. There are rumors of more continents, but no one has seen them or met someone who comes from such a place. The well travelled has seen the sea to the west, but to the east, nobody has yet found an end of our continent.
GIMLE is an area between mountains and deep forests, with hills and valleys. A kind of neutral no-mans-land. No kingdom have managed to control this wild area. Many people have moved here because of war, natural disasters and dangers in the south, though they do not dare to migrate further north because of forest creatures and strong magic. Different far away kingdoms have established small settlements in GIMLE, small embassies so to speak. It has become a place where settlements and trade between different realms can be made. A place for much diplomacy, but also a place where many assets are in motion and many bandits flock. It is also a place known for its sacred religious places with a strong presence of magic sources and many religious festivals, including the druids Full Moon Ritual.

Beyond our region we find:
- North. Beyond the gap of Arcatia north of the mountain range lies the Kingdom of the Dark elves Elanthir. There rules the high priestess Emriell. The Darkelves are a race who look down upon all other races but worship their leader as a godess. They are feared by humans and elfs alike because of their ruthlessness and complete lack of empathy.  They keep many humans as slaves. 














- Northwest. The elf lands in Elumenir used to be ruled by Lady Ezrael but has been taken over by the demon Kael and The Dark Alliance. Some elves remained in hiding while others have fled across the known world. 












- The west. To the west we find Westmark. This is a knights culture. 

House of Stonecrown

Stubborn, Resolute, uncompromising, brave, disciplined,

A tradition of formal greetings but also of speaking their mind.

No assassinations, show mercy when you can afford to do so. If you sentence someone to death you hold the sword or ax yourself.


Religion: Deomodron.


Regent: Divided between Frank and Jonathan Stronecrown


Color: Blue

House of Griffin

Pragmatic, greedy, selfish for the most part, determined, sometimes rude, sometimes they can really suck up. Will not die in vain, but will fight fiercely to the last drop of blood even if the odds are bad.

A tradition of informal greetings but will not always say what is on their mind.

If you sentence someone to die, you have someone else execute them.

Religion: Deomodron

Regent: Daniella Griffin


Color: Red

House of Lily

Wants to be perceived as humble and wise and is often very polite and courteous. Will do whatever they need to do to get their way. Manipulation is their weapon of choice. They are humble on the surface but underneath they are the exact opposite.


No method of success is beneath the House of Lily. They will sleep their way to the top, murder and lie their way to the top, cheat, stab and manipulate.

They would never sentence someone to die. They would sentence them to a few years of hard labor and find a way to get them killed anyway so that they appear merciful.

Religion: They pretend to worship Deomodron because that is what looks best, but most of them are in fact animists.


Regent: Edmund Lily


Color: Green

House of Oakenhelm

The House of True honor who will never go back on their word. The true believers of Deomodron. Fanatics almost. They live for the one true god and for their honor.


They will preach your ear off and they will constantly remind you when you are not living life in a godly way.

They have little fear because they believe god will protect them and show them the path.

When people are in need they always come to house Oakenhelm first. This house will never turn away the hungry, sick or those who are in need of protection.

This house dresses in all white ofc. And go to mass every day.

When needed they will not hesitate to kill as they believe they are gods executioners. And anyone who does not follow the religion of Deomodron are really better off being dead. Killing a non believer is actually just rescuing their soul from eternal doom.

Regent: Magnus Oakenhelm

Color: White

Edmund Lilja.jpg

- Southwest. The seafarers,  also called "the northmen", lives in many smaller or bigger villages along the west coast. King Ragnar Ekensköld ruling over the largest town called Dangafyr. Many of the inhabitants of Gimle and Gimleby fled from the village Baldersheim after a natural disaster and subsequent war with Santia. 

- South.  Saxion. A nation who has been at war with the northmen for over a hundred years. Their old capital Honorad was almost completely destroyed by the northmen during the war.  With their king dead they are now scattered all over the land and different noble lords are fighting each other for the crown.  

- Alatarien. Futher south beyond the great river we find the advanced civilization called Alatarien with large cities and a lots of technology. This peninsula has grown strong from trade to the east and also enriched by trade with the seafarers.
The lights of the split city Anda-Chiang can be seen from the hills of Gimle.

- Southeast. The clan lands is more of a oriental culture, sometimes cultivated, but often simple animistic cultures with shaman leaders.
The Golden empire shares the culture of the south east, but not religion.

- East of Ragnarike lies "the fields of Andaria" and beyond that the fabled Golden Empire. This is a more oriental culture. Here the Emperor Quinya controls the rule with iron fist. The power is inherited by the oldest child.

- North East. It is said that orchs live in Borgoth in the mountains north of Utmark. Nobody knows for sure. The Orcs leader is the mighty demon Kael, they say.
Beyond the mountains far up in the northeast,

- far in the north Dwarves have a rich empire in the halls of Aldor. From this area a red eye in the sky can be seen during certain nights. If this is vile or just a natural phenomena... no body knows.


The history of Gimle

It is now year 9466. The people of this continent counts the time from a specific moment in history. The day the elven queen lady Ezrael was born. The new year comes on the queens birthday who takes place during the full moon of the summer. This is celebrated in various different ways.  


The area called Gimle has always been very important. The reason for this is the central location and proximity to the river but also because of the full moon rituals. Every year people travel to the region from all over the known world to perform the full moon rituals. This makes it a good place for trade. Battles have been fought for control of this area in the past many times but in the recent years nobody has been able to fully control it.

Last year in the region of GIMLE
What the scribes recall from the last ritual period also spoken of as the trade days.

On the last of the trade days the people rose up against the aristocracy and named themselves: THE FREE PEOPLE

The house of LILY fled back to Westmark and left only a small troop of soldiers led by Alf the knight. Many of their aggressive attempts at alliances had failed. Their alliance with Jonathan Stonecrown withered as Steinar Stonecrown himself broke oaths, which in the end this led to his death.

Daniella GRIFFIN went from a weak position to a position of strength, as LILYS power schemes failed and as the Stonecrowns started fighting amongst themselves. The house of Griffin grew stronger as Stonecrown lost strength, the death of the Stonecrown king and Cynn (the barbarian warrior housed by Stonecrown) joining the northmen. A great blow to the house of Stonecrown was the odd personal alliance with widowed queen Olivia Stonecrown that emerged into a wedding under DEOMODRON - the one and only god. This move of power and desire to unite the two houses under Griffin failed within hours as Queen Olivia was poisoned, some say by the Golden Empire, others point their finger at Cynn.

Daniela Griffin has now claimed the title: Queen of Westmark. While Cynn has proclaimed herself High Queen of the known world. Neither claim has the right support to hold up. 

Somewhere far away in Westmark hides the heir of Steiner… Jonathan STONECROWN, and the Stonecrown army has been divided between Jonathan and his younger brother Frank who does not see eye to eye after what happend during the last ritual period.   

The GIMLEBY inhabitants succeeded to safeguard its lands and happily saw the Lilys leave the region. Some, though, miss the silly laughter of lady Theodora. 

The small invasion of Stonecrown into Gimleby (in the attempt to arrest the tavern brothers) not only violated the Gimleby agreement by the ”council of the eleven”. Gimleby was suppose to be a unmilitarized zone. Because of this the Gimleby villagers have started building a wall and a gate to the north. But still no decisions have been taken on how to rule the village of Gimleby.

SAXION family under young Queen Lisette has formed a faction with the common people of Gimleby. 
The common people calls for a republic in Gimle and dont want to be ruled but any outsiders.  

The Northmen have gathered all the rest of the free folks in the forest camp. 


The tribe of BORADAL northmen took up arms with the Lilys during the last big battle for power in Gimle and the divide between the BORADAL and the BALDERSHEIM tribes have healed somewhat over time. After a year the relationship is still a little chilly however.


The rule of Baldersheim Jarl Branrir Ulffang of Baldersheim has been diminished as Cynn of the Stonecrown army married the viking Gar and proclaimed herself High Queen.

Will the free folk of the forest accept Cynn´s claim of the title of High Queen?

The houses of Westmark (Griffin, Stonecrown, Lilys and Oakenhelm) are scheming to get control back over the Gimle region, here the Griffins are strongest.

The Dark Alliance

Two months ago an alliance between the Darkelves of Elanthir and The Orcs of Borgoth and their leader Kael was struck.


In the past two months Kael's armies of Black Blooded Orcs and the Dark Elven army have crushed the defences of Elumenir and driven the race of wood elves to near extinction. Only a few thousand wood elves now remain and they have all fled their homeland of Elumenir. It is said that the Elven Queen herself has fallen into the hands of Kael and that he has turned her into something unspeakable.

The Dark alliance has already begun their marsh into Aldor, the homeland of the Dwarfs and there is no telling who is going to be next after the Dwarfs fall.

NANA  - the White Witch has called for an extended council during the next full moon days. A council area of twenty thrones have been created by the druids in the heart of the Gimle region. Nana will call for a new tradition where councils will be held daily during the trade days and all oaths and treaties must be sealed here in front of all the leaders, kings and queens.

The following are summoned, and must send one representative and maximum one aid (adviser or bodyguard) The councils may be attended/watched by any peaceful inhabitant of Gimle whose clan has a throne in the council.

- The house of Lilja
- The house of Griffins
- The house of Stonecrown
- The Saxions
- The Elves
- The Golden empire
- The leader of Gimleby
- Baldersheim vikings
- Boradal Vikings
- Dangafyr vikings

And also:
- The wolves of the tower

There is also a THRONE for:
- The ruler of Westmark
- The Ruler of Gimle
- The archmage of Gimle
- The worshipers of Deomodron
- Nana the white witch

Also welcome is a representative from: 
- the merchants, 
- the taverns, 
- the handicraft guild, 
- musical guild.

Earlier history

The Northmen and the Saxions fought battles in the area over control of trade and supplies. This battle came to an abrupt halt when a mythical creature of nature descended upon them from the north.  The former enemies was forced into an alliance in order to survive.  Now that the treat is gone many nations look to their interests in the area. 

The village of Gimleby

The former stronghold of the Northmen, the village of Gimleby was declared a neutral zone.  The Northmen themselves moved to a different location with more fertile land and more water resources.