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Nanna The White Witch. The Guardian of Balance in Gimle.

Knowledge is Power.

Balance is the Key.

All Magic comes with a price.

Nanna leads The Academy (often called after her name Nannas), where the knowledge and wisdom of Gimle is stored, kept safe and passed to new apprientices. Most of the maesteres in the Academy are druids, although it can happen to meet there shamans, oracles or warlocks. Nanna was born in Baldersheim and spent her stormy youth in Gimleby village, but as there is Merlin and Morgan Le Fay blood in her veins, she wandered far and wide to get more power and wisdom. After meeting her mother Zoya The Whisperer on The Coven of The East Lands she found out her magical ancestry which made her understand her destiny - to protect her homeland. Finally she came back to Gimle to open the Academy. Nanna keeps the amulet of longevity which was passed in her family for generations. Her symbol is white feather.

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