Gimle currency

We have coins. Copper, silver and gold.
With these coins you can buy real things in the Gimle world: candy, drinks, food, e t c.

1 Copper = 0.1 euro
1 Silver = 10 copper = 1 euro
1 Gold = 10 silver = 10 euro.


You can also pay with Swedish money (coins), we call them southern coins.

All inhabitants of a camp pay 2 silver a day in tax.
All visitors pays a silver when enter a foreign camp, always.
Coming in from the OFF costs 1 silver
Using the toilet in Gimleby costs 5 copper
Food costs money.

Higher prices in tavern for every day.

What is the price:
A cookie = 1 copper
An apple = 3 copper
Te/drink = 5 copper 
A days pay = 50-100 copper (5-10 silver) 
An errand from Gimleby to Lonely Tavern = 4 silver 
Rent a guard for 1 hour = 2 silver 
A writing on a parchment = 1 silver 
Rent a small weapon/day = 4 silver 
Rent a small shield = 2 silver 
Transport of coffin from Gimleby to Nordmark, incl 2 guards = 2 gold
A simple meal: 30-40 kronor.
Advanced meal: 50-70 kronor. 

A sleeping place in a tent: 60 kronor / night.