Everybody has 3 hit points, armor can give max 3 extra.  Go to the NPC hut and ask how many extra hit points your armor provides. 
All weapons do 1 HP damage, except arrows that do 2 HP damage

HEALING (also in the battlezone)
When zeroed (all your HP are gone) you have 3 choices.
1) Seek someone with the abilty to heal you with magic. 

2) Seek someone with knowledge of medicine for example a doctor to speed up your healing process. 
3) Rest, You will heal 1 HP per 30 minutes.

If hit, act like it hurts,

Safety when fighting.
You may only attack with your weapon, NOT with shield, NOT with your body. You may not engage in any pushing or "fist fighting".
Never start a "swordfight" in a place that is unsafe, where there are stones, sharp things, slippery stones, branches.... tease your opponent to join you on flat open ground.
Do not run uncontrollable through bushes and where branches may pierce your eye. You can break a bone if you run in unknown terrain.
- Don´t hit like you want to hurt your opponent, YOU are responsible for your hits. A distinct marking should be your ambition.
- Do not aim or hit the head/face. 
- Do not thrust your weapon.

- Hit with an angle from the sides.
- Only use weapons that the organizer has approved.

- Do not jump into shield walls.

- Do not step on each other. 
- When you fall/die/act upon injury, stumble to the side and fall out of reach for the action.

- If you are on the winning side, claim victory and then leave the battle area so that the injured opponent can stand up and limp away.

To kill a character
- You can not kill a person and terminate that character.
- Characters marked with a red cloth around the arm are ready to die.
- But, a death must be spectacular and seen by many and add to a intrigue. Plan it well (together with the "victim").


Behavior on the battlefield
- Make it a nice scene worth watching (people ARE watching).
- Make the fight last a long time, take time to back of and talk (insult your enemy?)
- Count the hits YOU take, don´t count others.
- Be a good winner, don´t boast and humiliate a fallen enemy.

- Do not cheat, sooner or later you will be known as a cheater. You do not want to be known as a cheater.
- You can not pretend to be hit and then stand up and continue fighting.

- Size of shields: they may not cover both shoulder and knee.- No one under the age of 13 may use weapons.

Attack camps
Do not attack tents, draw the fight away from the camp. Tents are OFF area.
You are not allowed to open or even look into other peoples tent, its private.
But you can steal things outside marked with red, and firewood, and visible food, and maps, and artifacts, and the camp banner.


When injured, let people notice you are injured. Act like it hurts. Limp, make a face, have a limp arm. Tie a piece of bloody cloth around, hand, arm, head or leg. That looks good.

General rule on healing: On the battlefield, when zeroed, you imagine you are going to die, but afterwards it turns it was not as bad as you thought, you where lucky. Do not speak by name about persons you "killed", after the battle your enemy is just an unknown soldier/warrior.

Magical weapons
Usually a weapon has its power once, the attacker will tell you what power the weapon has. Act upon it if the attacker tells you.