In the world of Gimle there is very little magic.

Not all larpers like magic. Many do not want to be exposed to magic.
Beginners and low fantasy larpers do not want to find themselves in a situation where they have to do some advanced or embarrassing acting, like screaming or acting in love or pretending to be something that they are not. But magic is fascinating and part of fantasy and many larpers like it. So there are zones/areas and times where magic works.

- Magic (including magical artefacts) works always in Nordmark/Utmark (also Nannas/Nifelheim) (close to the moonstones).
- Magic works everywhere in moonlight (after 21.00), also on the battlefield.
- Ritual religious “magic” works every where all the time.
- Potions work everywhere, all the time.

(Magic in the Gimle world “runs on” moonlight or charged moonstones)

The purpose of the design/concept of magic is:

1) Keep magic scarce/rare and special (low fantasy).
2) Avoid magic interfering with swordsfight/battles.

3) Not put beginners/others in situations where they are forced to act in a special (weird) way.
3b) Players must have a chance to avoid magic (=zone based larp)

4) Allow those who want to... larp magic. (=zone based larp)

5) Keep magic simple and easy to understand.

6) Make magical people strong enough to protect themselves.

- There are 4 different spells (that druids and magicians can cast)
(heal, pain, blind, repulse).
- Völvas/Shamans can do ritual magic that may or may not have an effect on others.
- There are 10 powerful potions (that higher level druids, alchemists and magicians can make)
- There are 20 artefacts with magical properties (most of them everybody knows about).
- Five (about) of the artefacts are weapons that can affect fighting during moonlight (and always in Nordmark/Utmark/Nannas/Nifelheim).

Only those that have been approved by the organizer can create magic, and only after performing quests. Maximum 10% of the players can have magical abilities (apart from NPC). Magicians/druids must act well and convincingly. And use their magic to support the main story/plots. Magicians should not play to win.

Known magicians
Völva - at the forest field vikings
Nanna - the white witch (questgiver)
Archmage of the white magicians guild (questgiver)
Elven magical lord/queen
The sorcerer of the tower
Magician - Saxions
Shaman of the forest
Fire druid
Water druid
Earth druid
Wind druid

Magical weapons - that are offensive (marked with blue)

1) Sword of pain. Power: pain 10 heartbeats
2) Battlesledgehammer Power: Shockwave on one person
3) A great elven sword. Power: zeroes the victim on impact
4) A short sword. Power: unknown
5) Torors little hammer, small sledgehammer. Power: crushes a shield (drop it)
6) Archmages staff. Power: (shockwave on a whole group, up to 5 people)

- They work in ALL zones in the Gimle world (also on the battlefield after 21.00.
- They work once a day and once a night and after that must be “recharged” (by the moon)
- They work like a spell and must be announced loudly with the word “Arcana” and a sentence of what power the weapon has.

- Spells only work close to the magical mana source = Nordmark and Utmark, Nannas and Nifelheim.

- Each spell can be done once a day, unless your mana is recharged consuming a blue magical stone (in Nordmark/Nannas/Nifelheim) and once a night (everywhere)
- Each of these spells only lasts 10 heartbeats.
- The power over the victim must be maintained by a pose and words/sound by the caster.
- The magic/power must be channeled by a magical thing, a staff, a ring or similar.
- The spell caster must return to camp and rest lying down for an hour after spellcasting.
- Blue magical stones can be found on the ground at night when they glow, when consumed you have to drop them off at the merchant house to an arranger when you get the chance. 


FIRST LEVEL SPELLS - and how to acquire them.
Healing = you heal 1p/ per day or night
Words: “ARCANA! (touch the person with your magical device) I heal you with the powers of... Shake and tension as you feel the energy flowing in your body. Breath deep. Slowly, breath deep. Relax. Close your eyes. Breath slow, breath deep. All your wounds and pain is removed. All your wounds and pain is removed. Rise and walk strong. You have been healed.”
Healing by Volva or Shaman = you lose same amount of HP you give.

To acquire this spell you need: find a quest giver, find 5 white stones and present these to the quest giver. Hold your breath for 60 heartbeats in a ritual.

Pain  = causes extreme pain in 1 person for 10 heartbeats, they can not walk or hold onto a weapon. The pain is situated in the stomach.
Words: ARCANA! I cause you great pain. Feel the pain in the core of your spine. Darkness and despair in your mind. Fall, fall into the pain for 10 heartbeats.
To acquire this spell you need: find a quest giver, walk barefoot to Nifelheim, and find 5 black magical stones, present the stones to the questgiver and add a drop of blood. Be part of a ritual.

Blindness = causes blindness in one person for 10 heartbeats.
Words: ARCANA! I cause you blindness. Darkness falls over your eyes. You can not see. The world is hidden for you for 10 heartbeats.
To acquire this spell you need: find a quest giver. Find 5 white magical stones, present the stones to the questgiver. Be part of a ritual. Be blindfolded and crawl in nature for 100 heartbeats.


MAGICIANS QUESTS - how to become a first level magician


- Moonquest = meditate for 30 minutes in the fullmoonlight

- The riddlequest.
- Enter the mace = walk the outmark maze until you get lost.
- Quest of darkness = with torch at midnight walk to the island in group.
- The long walk = walk the eastern path to the island and back to the dragon gate on the western path.
- Sunset quest = from a tree or tower or hill, alone observe the sun go down
- Quest of death take this sword die in battle and be reborn in Nifelheim
- Staffquest = cut and carve your staff or stick, let every future quest put a mark on it


Musical magic

- Drum = a certain rythm can once a night make fighters in battle feel no pain

- A certain melody and a certain song (text) will work as the sword of persuasion, everybody listening will like the singer, and agree with the singer (once a day)
- A certain melody will force the listeners to follow the person for 5 minutes. While he/she plays.
- A song and melody that heals one person.
- A song that makes one person fall asleep if they listen to one minute.



- The druids life is a life close to nature.

- They do not sleep in houses or villages.

- It is a life of knowledge.

- Even wisdom will come with experience.

- A druid knows the trees and many plants.

- A druid walks in silence and meets the animals.

- A druids skill lies in potion and even spells.

- A druid may have fighting skills but more often a gift in speech.

- To become a druid you must leave your old ways behind you and become a wanderer.

- First you must find your questgiver, an older wise druid.

(Volva, the white witch, archmage, the wise one, the wanderer, norna)

FIRST LEVEL QUESTS - how to become a first level druid.
Find a questgiver...

- The long walk = walk the eastern path to the island and back to the dragon gate on the western path.

- Quest of recognition = recognize ten plants.

- Quest of the leaves = find and bring back 5 different leaves.

- Moonquest = meditate for 30 minutes in the fullmoonlight.

- The riddlequest

- Enter the mace = walk the outmark maze until you get lost

- Sunset quest = from a tree or tower or hill observe the sun go down

- Sunrise quest = from a tree or hill watch the sun rise

- Social quest = ask 10 strangers (their biggest fear, or about their greatest childhood dream)

- Featherquest= find a feather and wear it.
- Find 10 white stones.


Find a questgiver...

- Learn to make 2 potions.

- Staffquest = cut and carve your staff or stick, let every quest put a mark on it

- Firedruid must have torch staff (a torch fitted on top)


- Waterquest = in silence walk tree times around the lake and then immerse yourself in water.

- Clayquest = paint your hands feet and face with clay and let it dry while you do your next quest

- Firequest= in solitude make a fire , watch it die

- Windquest = On a windy day, stand on the highest cliff or tree and feel the wind for half an hour.


- You will be given your robe and a spell
- Given a special henna tattoo


(works everywhere, day and night)

- These power potions can only be made with the help/guidance of a magic leader (Nanna, arch mage e t c)
- The lower level druids will have to find the ingredients.
- A potion has to be drank/eaten in full to have effect.
- Each potion must be at least 10 ml and preferably mixed with 90 ml water at intake.
- All “legal” potion bottles should be marked with the word ARCANA and its name, otherwise, if it is stolen/sold, nobody knows what it is.
- The drinker must be informed verbally or with note about what he/she just drank/ate.


1) POISON (death) (can be delayed by the victim) (can only be given to a player that has agreed beforehand that you can kill that players character, you need to talk to the player off and get permission to try to kill them, if they say no, dont argue, its their choice)
3) SLEEP (within 3 minutes fall asleep for 10 min max) (there is an antipoison for this)
4) TRUTH (will truthfully answer 1 (?) questions with yes/no) (there is an antipoison for this)
5) SILENCE (for one hour) (there is an antipoison for this)
6) ANTI PAIN (for a full day)

7) HEALING (full and instant)
8) BLIND (10 min max) (comes slowly during a minute) (there is an antipoison for this)

+ Other lesser potions…
Memory loss
Hick ups

List of ingredients for potions
Blended in oliveoil, alcohol or water

Pine needle
Spruce needle
Birch leaf
Birch bark
Pine bark
Spruce bark
Oak leaf
Aspen leaf
Juniper needle
House moss, light grey/green
Cone from pine
Cone from spruce
Dry dead light tree
Green moss growing on tree
Blueberry leaf
Green forest moss
Birch bark
Raspberry leaf
Water from the mountain pond

Mushroom growing on Birch
Ljung, heather
Root of a fallen dead tree
Firn, ormbunke

Black lava

White lava
White cotton top from waterflower
Stensöta, three leaf, Polypodium
Veketåg, Juncus effusus
Hundkex, millefolium
Daggkåpa, Alchemilla spp.
Seed from Målla, Atriplex prostrata
Blood from...
Nail of...