In the world of Gimle there is very little magic.

Not all larpers like magic. Many do not want to be exposed to magic.
Beginners and low fantasy larpers do not want to find themselves in a situation where they have to do some advanced or embarrassing acting, like screaming or acting in love or pretending to be something that they are not. But magic is fascinating and part of fantasy and many larpers like it. So there are zones/areas and times where magic works.

- Magic (including magical artefacts) works always in Nordmark/Utmark (also Nannas/Nifelheim) (close to the moonstones).
- Magic works everywhere in moonlight (after 21.00), also on the battlefield.
- Ritual religious “magic” works every where all the time.

(Magic in the Gimle world “runs on” moonlight or charged moonstones)

The purpose of the design/concept of magic is:

1) Keep magic scarce/rare and special (low fantasy).
2) Avoid magic interfering with swordsfight/battles.

3) Not put beginners/others in situations where they are forced to act in a special (weird) way.
3b) Players must have a chance to avoid magic (=zone based larp)

4) Allow those who want to... larp magic. (=zone based larp)

5) Keep magic simple and easy to understand.

6) Make magical people strong enough to protect themselves.

- There are 4 different spells (that druids and magicians can cast)
(heal, pain, blind, Shockwave).
- There are a number of artefacts with magical properties (most of them everybody knows about).

Only those that have been approved by the organizer can create magic, and only after performing quests. Maximum 10% of the players can have magical abilities (apart from NPC). Magicians/druids must act well and convincingly. And use their magic to support the main story/plots. 

Known magicians
Shamans - at the forest field vikings
Druids - the white witch (questgiver)
Elven magical lord/lady

Magical weapons - that are offensive (marked with blue)

1) Sword of pain. Power: pain 10 heartbeats
2) Battlesledgehammer Power: Shockwave on one person
3) Archmages staff. Power: (shockwave on a whole group, up to 5 people)
4) Sword of persuasion (makes someone very convincing, but with limits)

- They work in ALL zones in the Gimle world after 21:00
- Works once per 24 hours per user. 
- They work like a spell and must be announced loudly with the word “Arcana” and a sentence of what power the weapon has.

- Spells only work close to the magical mana source = Nordmark and Utmark, Nannas and Nifelheim.

- Each spell can be done once a day, unless your mana is recharged consuming a blue magical stone (in Nordmark/Nannas/Nifelheim) and once a night (everywhere)

- Each of these spells only lasts 10 heartbeats.

- The power over the victim must be maintained by a pose and words/sound by the caster.

- The magic/power must be channeled by a magical thing, a staff, a ring or similar.

- Blue magical stones can be found on the ground at night when they glow, when consumed you have to give them to a member of the academy. 



Magicians start of with only the healing spell, the other spells need to be learned at the Acedemy using black or white stones. You need 10 black or 10 white stones to learn a spell. 


Blindness requires 10 white stones, Shockwave or Pain requires 10 black stones. 

SPELLS - explained

Healing = you heal a character to full HP consuming your one mana. 

Words: “ARCANA! (touch the person with your magical device) I heal you with the powers of... Shake and tension as you feel the energy flowing in your body. Breath deep. Slowly, breath deep. Relax. Close your eyes. Breath slow, breath deep. All your wounds and pain is removed. All your wounds and pain is removed. Rise and walk strong. You have been healed.”

Pain  = causes extreme pain in 1 person for 10 heartbeats, they can not walk or hold onto a weapon. The pain is situated in the stomach.
Words: ARCANA! I cause you great pain. Feel the pain in the core of your spine. Darkness and despair in your mind. Fall, fall into the pain for 10 heartbeats.

Blindness = causes blindness in one person for 10 heartbeats.

Words: ARCANA! I cause you blindness. Darkness falls over your eyes. You can not see. The world is hidden for you for 10 heartbeats.


Shockwave = causes your enemies to be blown back a few steps. 

Words: ARCANA! Shockwave!  

Other forms of magic that can only be used if you have the right artifact: 

Flute of abduction - Can make someone follow you for a few minutes unless they really think it's a bad idea. 

Necklace of Charm- People will find you very charming while you are wearing it and are more likely to agree with you. Has limits. If someone really does not like it they will just find you less hatable.