The rulers of Gimle

Conquering Land
There will be a big map showing all the game area. The map divided into many different plots that can be owned, bought or conquered. The map will hang at the Tavern and show who owns which area.

Does your group want to own a piece of and you will have to buy it and set up a contract with the previous owner, OR challenge them. Send a challenge by a messenger and propose a time and a place for a battle by weapons. The battlefield is the most common place. You must decide if the battle will be:
1) Man-to-man battle, a duel. Or,
2) Each part sends a troop of exact 5 warriors.
3) Free rules, come "en masse" and bring sell swords and alliances. And use ambush or any trick. If the two parts cannot agree this will be the option chosen. 

The group that owns the mine on the western hill will earn one silver stone a day = 10 silver coins.
The group that owns the northern highlands will earn gold stone a day = 30 silver coins.
The group that owns the mine in the wild forest will earn one silver stone a day = 10 silver coins.
Rumor says South camp has a quarry that could become a mine of precious metal.

A game leader will be discreetly present during land-battles and see that every thing is done fair and then change the map at the tavern. The plots where there are camps can not be challenged, but you can steal their clan-banner.

Buy land
A person or a group can buy land. The price is up to the seller. To set up a camp in a place one has to own the land. 

Every camp is in ownership of its´plot and it can not be conquered, but the camp banner can be stolen.

Stealing a groups banner.
Every camp/group must have a banner (a flag standing visible on a pole in the middle of the camp). This can be stolen. The thief then puts the banner visible in their own camp (report your theft to the game leader at the Tavern).

Your banner is your clans age old ancestral totem, your protective amulet. Loosing it means great dishonor and also bad luck (The org. will make sure you get bad luck).
Your group may take your banner along when leaving the camp. 

To get back your flag:
- Steal it back.
- Buy it back.
- Challenge the thief on the battlefield.

Religious battle
Some religions want to spread and have many disciples. This pleases some of the more "greedy" gods. Gods also like when worshiped and when getting sacrifices.
The religious currency in Gimle is symbolized by small white stones. They can and should be used during religious ceremonies at the different holy shrines.
More aggressive doomsday religions should use the black stones. 
These white and black stones can be found in special places in nature. Religious preachers can also get stones from Nifelheim if performing a ritual there with at least 5 followers.
The stones that are sacrificed at the holy shrines will remain there and be counted. The religion with the most stones will "win" and get favors from the gods.
One may, if one dares, approach another religions holy shrine and sacrifice stones of the opposite color against that religion. There are four main lines of religion.

The Gimle world contains some remarkable artifacts, owning them gives power and honor.