Gammal bok


A world in turmoil! 


The war still rages on between vikings and knights, but the threat of war within the nations is increasing by the day .  The question of who shall rule seems to be on everyone's tongue in pretty much every nation except for the Golden Empire. 


The death of King Frank, the Bloody Battle of Bridgetown and the desecration of the Temple of Modron has started a chain of political unrest around the world. But that is not all that is causing all this turmoil.


A mysterious new sickness that the healers struggle to defeat has begun to spread around the world and death along with it! 


But news of a possible cure is also spreading. 


A cure that according to rumour does not just heal the sickness but also gives power to magicians and enables them to do wondrous things. 


The cure is not so much a cure as it is pure raw unfiltered magic. 


As is known magic comes from the Moon and powers the moonstones of the Gimle Region and has done so for thousands of years.  It is why the Academy is located in the Gimle Region and why so many visit the region for the full moon rituals every year. 


What is new is that very small moonstones have started to emerge around the locations of the big ones. The bigger Moonstones can't be moved, but these smaller ones can be picked up and even consumed to give power back to a drained magician and even to heal the sickness. 


The power that comes with owning a large amount of these moonstones cannot be measured, especially not in times of sickness.

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