Gimle Adventure World

"A spark in GIMLE, puts the whole world on fire”.  

GIMLE is located on the western part of a big continent. There are rumors of more continents, but no one has seen them or met someone who comes from such a place. The well travelled has seen the sea to the west, but to the east, nobody has yet found an end of our continent.
GIMLE is an area between mountains and deep forests, with hills and valleys. A kind of neutral no-mans-land. No kingdom have managed to control this wild area. Many people have moved here because of war, natural disasters and dangers in the south, though they do not dare to migrate further north because of forest creatures and strong magic. Different far away kingdoms have established small settlements in GIMLE, small embassies so to speak. It has become a place where settlements and trade between different realms can be made. A place for much diplomacy, but also a place where many assets are in motion and big world events are settled. It is also a place known for its sacred religious places with a strong presence of magic sources and many religious festivals, including the Full Moon Ritual Period that is sacred to all for different reasons.

The history of Gimle

It is now year 9466. The people of this continent counts the time from a specific moment in history. The day the elven queen lady Ezrael was born. The new year comes on the queens birthday who takes place during the full moon of the summer. This is celebrated in various different ways.  


The area called Gimle has always been very important. The reason for this is the central location and proximity to the river but also because of the full moon rituals. Every year people travel to the region from all over the known world to perform the full moon rituals. This makes it a good place for trade. Battles have been fought for control of this area in the past many times but in the recent years nobody has been able to fully control it.