Thievery has over the years been a small issue in the Gimle region, but as years of successful trade days has made many camps prosperous, more and more characters with low morals have been drawn to the region.

Rumor says that a thieves guild has been formed.

By day these people can come across as normal decent citizens, but when opportunity arises they will steal what they can.

They are even encouraging each other by competing in who can loot the most.

This must be stopped. This will be a topic at the annual ambassadors council. How can the thieves be brought to justice (the lawman of Gimle). How can the master of the thieves guild be caught and hanged?

So if you want to have a double identity and be a thief in secrecy and be part of the Thief competition (who can steal the most) and a few other quests.... contact organizer in secrecy.






















The life of a thief.

You are most likely a low status, low paid soldier or worker. You start by taking something when you can. You are a free independent thief. You steal a second time, and you sell your things, maybe to a merchant. You feel rich and inspired to get better, maybe find people to gang up with. You hear a rumor about where other thieves gather. You sneak there but under disguise, maybe you find someone you feel you can talk about your extra profession. Maybe there is talk of someone wanting to hire a burglar. Maybe there is rumor of a place where thieves meet or leave messages to each other.

After some careful intriguing you manage to get invited to a thieves guild meeting. You come disguised and for some time hide the colors of your main group. You have decided to not steal from you main group, only from strangers. You present a stolen item at the thieves guild and get a code name and the promise of becoming a true brother/sister of the guild if you steal another item. You try to find out where your new friends come from, but they are reluctant to say. You plan with two other new friends to work together to steal in a camp (that no one of you belong to), you come up with an idea where two of you distract your victims while the third sneaks in for the steal.

You get promoted in the thieves guild, soon you will have the title master thief. You plan at the next meeting of thieves to do a robbery or a kidnapping to get some real money.

In the end of the trade days under the advice of the guild master you leave your main group and join the band of outlaws and form a new group in the forest.

The relationship between the thieves guild and the group the Shadow rangers... is unknown.



Guidelines for the player

- You have a double identity. You have a role in a normal group and steal in secrecy when you can. (On the third day or in next larp there may be a chance to leave your base group and become a new group as outlaws in a new camp - but only if you find each other and the Guild master decides).

- Never betray your base group (you can NOT steal intrigue artifacts e t c from your group and give/sell to other groups).

- Do not betray thieves guild (unless you prepare this with an OFF talk with thieves guild master)

- You get thief points based on value of stolen goods. The merchant/s will have an off-function to value and keep track of this - so SELL to merchant representative what you have stolen - your points will be documented. A merchant representative may be seen at Lonely tavern at business at times if you do not want to display yourself in Gimleby.

- Relics, money, artifacts, maps, red ribbon, flags - all has a value (see point list)

- Only steal things with RED marking. If you take other things that is real theft and you will be thrown out of the larp.

- Plan a disguise/ concealment (something covering your face, and extra hat, another cloak) Ask the organizer (Sebastian) in secrecy for this. Hide your basegroup colors, when needed/sneaking.

- Have good reasons to leave your group… pick mushrooms, hunt, visit your lover, drink in the tavern… lie (thieves like that).

Your objectives:

- Steal (see point list) Deliver to merchant representative.

- Find and identify other brother/sister (thieves) and try to find the master of the thieves guild. (You will get clues the first time you deliver a stolen item). 200 points (report to Merchant representative)

- Climb in the hierarchy of thieves (there are 7 levels, you are on the lowest, 7th level) (300 points per level).

- Attend a thieves guild meeting (500 points). But conceal your identity when you are there.






















Yes, anything marked red can be stolen.

Point system (things stolen
(or found (50%))

Artifacts (magical) = 1000 points

Relics = 400-500 points

Maps = 200-300 points

Camp Flags = 300 points

Personal items marked red: up to 2 gold = 200 points

Camp items marked red: up to one gold = 100 points

Money Gold = 100 points

Blue stones = 30 points

White stone = 20 points

Black stone = 10 Points

Money Silver = 10 point

Money Copper = 1 point


1-6) Secret

7) Free independent thief.

Rendez-vous points - several;


Level of thievery activities

- Small individual thievery

- Coordinated group thievery

- Protection

- Threats

- Bandit assault robbery

- Kidnapping

- Drugs.

- Moneylending high interest rate: 50% a day.