Tio löften till deltagarna

1. Allt spel och alla scener ska innehålla ett val för den som deltar, du ska aldrig tvingas göra något. Ingen kan med magi, vapen eller ord tvinga någon att göra något. Varje spelare ska få möjlighet att välja sin egen upplevelse.


2. Du deltar i tydliga grupper, i olika riken, med tydliga mål.

3. Mycket att göra, många spelöppningar och bra förutsättningar för intrigerande och rollspel.

4. NPC-grupper och farliga områden (under vissa tider).

5. Traditionsenliga händelser varje dag på fasta klockslag.

6. Enkel magi att förstå och spela med i.

7. Tio quests/uppdrag i varje lajv för vem som helst att lösa.

8. Arr finns diskret med i spelet och iakttar säkerhet och drar i vissa intrigtrådar.

9. Vi bryter upp eventuella OFF-gemenskaper som påverkar spelet negativt.

10. Mycket bofferstrid. Stora fältslag.

Some participant comments about GIMLE LARP .


- I remember the… full moon ritual standing on top of Nifelheim… chanting, drinking blood with all the others, watching the lunar eclipse, while others was fighting on the battlefield.

- The abundance of choices regarding gameplay, freedom to choose.

- The beautiful costumes, scenery, great organizing and adaptability/flexibility.

- Nobody seriously getting hurt.

- Experienced but humble larpers.

- 5-star stage fighting and acting and dramatic turns.

- When everyone stood up for the tavern owners.

- Medieval dancing.

- The political larpers.

- Seeing the Golden Empire go from Unknown group to a formidable foe, made me very proud.

- I liked the costumes, the camps locations and decorations.

- Getting into the wolves tower and ring the bell.

- Getting captured by Liljas and getting meat as prisoner.

- Sleeping under the stars in the tower and see the sun rise by the sea side.

- …That when my wife died I cried real tears. It was so freeing and immersive. Once I was not hiding tears but expressed all open.

- Playing viking chess as a prisoner in the wolves camp.

- Being captured and beaten up during larp

- I learned a lot about how to lead a group, and how to balance the nice taking care of people OFF and the strict nastier IN character.

- The most amazing was the tree houses where the lives lived.

- Being captured by Stonecrown and tied to a pole… and being tortured by her people.

- As a dark elf it was cool to see all the people shout in fear when we came.

- I loved to see the other LARPers giving their best and making this experience really unique. I'd love to be one of them if I get the chance to participate next year and improve my own performance to give other people an once in a lifetime experience

- Hela arret kändes ambitiöst och vi blev imponerade av området, byn och alla läger. Några av ungdomarna vi hade med sa att det här var det roligaste de hade gjort i sitt liv :).

- The Larp was amazing and better than last year. Logistic worked well and the evs crew was very supportive and all around amazing. Generally the partecipants are having one of the best time of their life. If I was Sebastian or Andreas I would be pretty proud of it.

- I had so much fun during the larp and am amazed by the time and effort put in by the organizers to make this larp fun and interesting for everyone.

- It was great and very different from any other larps ive been to which is what i like about it.

- This was amazing, I'm grateful to have been a part of it and it really did change my life.

- I love seeing this larp improve every year

- I choose the wrong character - no intrigues involved me.

- Too many people not being IN.

- Larp weapons hurt a lot.

- Larp is a way to put yourself in someone else's shoes [...] just to try to open yourself in ways that you are not accustomed to do it."

- For me Larp is this place where you can let your imagination flow and really be truly yourself.