YOUR CHARACTER - to chose a role
Pretend that you are part of a film like Vikings, Game of thrones or Lord of the rings.
Your character must fit into a fantasy world like these.
As a participant in Gimle you can not just be a guy walking around with a sword.
You need to be part of
a group.

The organizer can help you create a role, start with answering a few questions. 
You need to find/create some clothes/costume (or rent something from us).
Leather, linnen, wool, fur are common material.
Avoid zippers, velcro, pockets and modern look. 

How to create a character:

A) Choose a group, the place where you live and work (see groups and intrigues)

B) Choose an occupation, you can have multiple. But you must have a source of income.
Here are the most common:
-> Soldier, scout, swordsman of all kinds
-> Handicraft, cooking, music e t c

-> Intellectual administrative (incl nobility)

-> Intellectual, spiritual, magical

C) Choose a religion
1) Animists - The belief that all nature has a soul, each person, tree and every plant and wildlife. 
-> Ancestral beliefs
-> Nature belief
-> Elementists
-> Sun and moon worshipers
2) The old goods
-> Asatro (norse mythology).- You must choose your favourite Asa good among the following: Toror, Odenor, Lokor, Frej, Baldor, Tyror, Heimdor, Frejor, Njord,or Skader, Vidor, Hödeor Bragor, Idon, Ullor, Skollor

3) The goodless
4) DeoModron (The most modern, and common in most nations)

E) Choose a name. You can have a long name, but also have a short version that is easy for others to remember. 

F) Make up a story concerning:
- Where you are born (look at the maps).
- Some story from your childhood.
- A story from your profession, and what you did earlier in life.
- Create a few personality traits if you want (läs mer här).

You need to find/create some clothes/costume (or rent from us). Leather, linnen, wool, fur are common material, avoid zippers, velcro, pockets and modern look. 
Try to have someone on you that can be stolen. 


Groups searching for members (short version)

1) The merchant house of Gimleby is looking for: scouts, messengers, spies, guards, administrators, writers, negotiators.

2) Crafts and music guild of Gimleby

A 40m2 craftslodge is waiting for you with forge and bellows, clay, wool, needles and cloth, wood and carpentry tools. In Gimleby you can in peace pursue your craft by the fire, close to the tavern and never run risk of being attacked by magic or sword - to get such adventure you will have to venture north. Your character may also be part of fighting. Musical gathering every night.
Sleeps: in Gimleby or OFF

3) Forest vikings (old Gimleby vikings) - in a big camp in the forest by the field. Kitchen, water, dry toilet and tents. The main viking camp for fighting warriors.

4) The free folk of the forest -  the young wolves focusing on fighting and intrigue. Kidnapping and robbery.

5) House Stenkrona

Game of Thrones style of play (both warriors and more social roles needed)

6) House Löfwengrip

Game of Thrones style of play(both warriors and more social roles needed)

7) House Lilja

Game of Thrones style of play(both warriors and more social roles needed)

8)  Forest elfs - noble, gracious, wise (both warrior and more social roles).

9) Nannas camp & Hervors daughters:
Goal: unknown.

10) Darkelves (both warriors and more social roles needed)

11) Orcs (that are active from around 19.00 - before that act as villains and bandits).  

12) The Golden Empire - Trading, fighting, partying 

(Roles needed, traders, fighters, dancers, singers, people who give massages, high status roles such as lords as ladies)